David, Goliath, and Noah


Something truly remarkable has happened just lately. The evolutionary battle against biblical creationism has raged for over a century. Apparently evolutionaries have been winning the war merely by asserting creationism is not science. Suddenly that has changed.

What I want to tell you today is a real David and Goliath story. Recall how David brought down Goliath with a slingshot stone to his forehead. David then severed Goliath’s head with the giants’ own sword. The forehead is with what evolutionaries have being frowning on creationists for so long. The sword is science, the very weapon with which they have battled against creationists with such apparent success.

Before I get to the story, creationists have already won a key battle in one crucial area: Flood Geology. The Earth’s geology is best explained – even only explained – by a catastrophic worldwide flood, the biblical Flood. Witness the layer upon layer of sedimentary (water born) materials visible in the walls of the Grand Canyon. Although claimed to represent millions of years, there’s no erosion between the layers. None. Witness too, the Himalayan mountains standing as pristine as if arisen only yesterday without significant erosion. There’s no reasonable explanation other than a more recent worldwide Flood and tectonic shifts on the Earth’s surface. Evolutionaries have failed to launch an effective counterattack.

The David and Goliath story centres on a young and unassuming man named Nathanial Jeanson. He’s a Dr Jeanson with a Harvard degree in molecular and cell biology. His first book, Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species, was published in 2017. I have read the book many times, assimilating it as best I can. It’s my practice to read the same books again and again even over many years. My advice is to build a library of a few books, not many, and know them well. Even a dozen books, carefully selected and repeatedly read, will teach you to think, build character, and give you intellectual strength. You may want to include one of Dr. Jeanson’s books in your library. I recommend them very highly.

In Replacing Darwin, Jeanson makes the case, convincingly, that speciation does indeed occur, but over a much shorter time than evolution claims. All species have the genetic ability to change their morphology and traits owing to their physical environment and isolation. That’s why there are seven species in the horse family (Jeanson’s example). Jeanson doesn’t deny evolution, but rather redefines it within a biblical timeframe.

What does that mean? It means all the mammals, birds, and reptiles found today were embodied in a much smaller number on Noah’s Ark. It means a small number of air-breathing creatures speciated many times and populated the Earth in only a few hundred years. Due to the initially small human population, the vastness of the Earth’s surface, and the slowing rate of speciation, the process went by unobserved and still is today. Based on his expertise in genetics, Jeanson has effectively reinterpreted evolution in his first book, Replacing Darwin.

For a good discussion about speciation, see “Speciation and the Animals on the Ark” by Daniel Criswell. For Dr. Jeanson’s first-rate lecture on this book, please go to, “Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species.”

Nathaniel Jeanson’s second book, Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise, is truly remarkable. At the outset, Dr Jeanson asks two related questions:

  1. According to evolutionists, what will it take before creationist ideas are allowed into the scientific mainstream?
  2. What is the history of the people of the world’s great civilizations?

The connection between the two questions, says Jeanson, uncovers a “quiet revolution in science.”

The connecting answer to the questions is as simple as it is profound. From the three major studies of Y chromosome trees from over 2000 men around the globe (high quality DNA studies only available since 2014), it can be positively affirmed that this generation of humans began about 4500 years ago.

From the known mutation rate of the male Y chromosome, three mutations per generation, there can have been only 140 to 150 generations between modern humans and Noah’s three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Do the math. Jeanson uses thirty years per generation or slightly more.

What’s remarkable is not simply a confirmation of the biblical timeframe. Much more significant, the biblical timeframe is scientifically testable. It can be verified or disqualified scientifically. This is precisely what evolutionary scientists have demanded for creationists for them to enter into the scientific mainstream. Creationists ideas must be testable including the ability to make predictions. Jeanson’s Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise, does just that.

Get the book, please. Read it for yourself. Read it more than once. It’s not difficult and will make you knowledgeable on a very timely and relevant topic. You can also listen to the YouTube video: Nathaniel Jeanson – A Creationist Perspective on the History of Humanity.

My David verses Goliath analogy is dramatically evident in the videoed debate between Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Dr Herman Mays. Mays is an evolutionary heavyweight and formidable adversary. Jeanson is humble yet unflappable, and a testimony to the saying, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Mays conceded Jeanson was “very cool.” Recall what David said to Saul in 1 Samuel 17:32:

“Let no man’s heart fail because of him [Goliath], your servant is going, and shall fight with this Philistine.”

Watch Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson’s Debate with Dr. Herman Mays

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My son, if you receive my words
and treasure my commands,
Turning your ear to wisdom,
inclining your heart to understanding;
Yes, if you call for intelligence,
and to understanding raise your voice;
If you seek her like silver,
and like hidden treasures search her out,
Then will you understand the fear of the Yahuah;
the knowledge of Elohim you will find;


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