Dear Friends,

This work comes naturally to me. But it is not easy. It’s the culmination of years of study, thought, and prayer. With all modesty, however, I believe this work will reach the widest possible audience with the broadest range of subject matter. I feel it’s quite unique.

What makes this work unique is its independence. I have struggled on my own without the support of any mentor, church, or institution. I’ve had little help or influence from any outside agency. Nonetheless, it’s been a privilege and a blessing. And, may I quickly add, very little of the teachings on the website are my own. I have merely gleaned from the wisdom of many others, wisdom they in their turn received from sitting at the Master’s feet.

I covet your feedback, encouragement, prayers, and financial support without which my labours will be in vain. Let’s work together to bring countless others into the knowledge, understanding, wisdom, faith, and love of our Master and Saviour, Yahusha HaMashiac.

For your feedback see the Contact Us page. Furthermore, I have a Guest page in the menu. If you would like to contribute an article or video (your own is preferable but not necessary), use the Contact Us page. As much as possible, this website should form a community or fellowship of mutual support..

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Thank you in advance, dear friends.